Year of Public Service 2013

ASLA has declared 2013 the Year of Public Service. Every Chapter has been charged to lead a service project within their state. The Indiana Chapter has a chosen Outside the Box as the beneficiary of the Year of Public Service Project! Outside the Box Inc.’s mission is to empower people with intellectual disabilities towards personal growth through education, self-discovery, leadership development and a customized career path.

Outside the Box, OTB, has raised funds to move forward with the design and installation of a sensory garden located along the Northwest side of their headquarters, just outside of their community room. The space is approximately 80’ x 20’ and needs to be universally accessible. They’ve specifically requested a water feature, and an exhibit to attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

We’re very excited to welcome back past Chapter president, Dean Hill who has been instrumental in initiating this project. For 6 seasons, Dean hosted the show “Grounds for Improvement” on the DIY network. We are grateful to Dean for facilitating the connection to OTB and for committing to be here for the installation date(s).

There are many opportunities to lead, volunteer and support completion of the project.  We need all of our members to pull together for this special Chapter-wide project! Please sign-up for any one (or many) of the following:

  • lead a design charrette
  • contribute to knowledge of sensory gardens
  • administer estimates
  • design construction details
  • source materials, plants, and contracting services
  • and ELBOW GREASE for the installation!


Here is a link to the National ASLA Year of Public Service website -

Important Dates and Opportunities (sign-up/register below):

Saturday, February 23

9:00AM – 12:00PM – Design Charrette at Outside the Box
3940 E. 56th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46220
- Breakfast snacks and beverages will be provided, so please register so we can plan accordingly.

- Click here for more information about the Design Charrette.

- Click here to register for the Design Charrette.

Saturday, March 9 – Final design deadline

Saturday, April 27 - ALL DAY (specific times to be determined) – Installation at Outside the Box with Dean Hill

- Click here for more information about the Installation at Outside the Box.

- Click here to register for the Installation at Outside the Box.

For additional information, or to join the Public Service Planning Committee, please contact Brian Staresnick -